Small Art can Make a Big Statement

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small art is a perfect gift of art of a jumping girl in the air

Small art in little boxes. There is nothing like a small package.

The receiving, the opening, the discovery of a small little moment that says “love”. Really nothing like it.

I know you are thinking about the diamond, the bracelet, the pair of socks. I’m not talking about that. I am talking about the handmade little painting that tells a story. 

Why is the small handmade painting something you should really think about for a gift? Well for a couple of reasons.

First off, the ability to give a gift that has a statement is always the goal. We all want to share a story. Make an impression. Find a way to say”we love you” in a different unique way. Small art does this. It is just like a small moment that can make a big impression.

Secondly, small art doesn’t take up alot of space.  It doesn’t overwhelm. It isn’t an emotional over powering moment. It is a painting that tells the story of you and whomever you are giving it to.

For this reason, the show 25 days of minis, is a perfect little art show for the end of the year gift. A show that has 42 professional artists that will reveal their art every day beginning Dec 1. Every day a new selection of paintings will be revealed. How do you see these paintings? Just subscribe to and you will get the email with a the link to the new selection. An easy way to find small art that can shipped right to your door. Sounds too good to be true.

I will be participating in this online show with an entire new series of small 6×6 paintings. Little pieces of story that will be revealed everyday. Once per day starting Dec 1-25. Each piece comes wrapped in a small box with a gift card. A perfect, thoughtful, present to celebrate the season.

Pieces will be available on my shop at beginning on December 1.

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