every moment is a memory with a lady waiting by the motel under the umbrellas

Having a commission created of a special moment in your life preserves a time that has special meaning to you. Do you have a memory which you would like to commit to a permanent piece?

Do you have a special gift that you would like to give? Perhaps a wedding anniversary or a special birthday?

Is there a moment that you spent with your children that you would like to see everyday again? Of course you could just frame a photograph of this moment. Of course, you could hang it in your home and look at it and it would trigger that moment again for you. But what if it is made into a painting and becomes a piece of Art? Then this photograph moves from being a personal recollection to a moment that can be understood  by others. By those who are in your family and don’t know that moment. They would look at the painting and be able to understand, and share, in the experience of the cherished memory. A commission of a memory moment would create a piece of inheritance that can never be replaced.

Then have a painting created that embodies this moment and will be celebrated for several lifetimes. Make a memory a permanent part of your world and your family. It would become part of your family that could be given to further generations. It would preserve the celebration of the memory in a way that is unique, special and one of a kind.

I can make a piece special to the size you would like and I use images you provide me. I always provide a preview image for your review to make certain you like the piece.

Please contact me to get the ball rolling on that unique piece for that someone special.

[email protected] or 416-999-7252

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