empowered art with women running in the surf

Make your life better with art

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Art gives you a depth of meaning and makes your life better. How can art make your life better?  What is its power/ Can art change the world? It’s a question that many have asked and answered.  Art, in its many forms, can reveal the power that we can acquire through the engagement and understanding …

what is a mother as she takes you into the wild world

What is a mother?

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A mother’s love can be expressed in so many ways. When we ask “what is a mother” we are referring to the type of  love that brings a warmth and care into our lives. It can come from a feeling. It comes from stepmothers, aunts, caregivers who are present and nurturing.  Most importantly, it comes …

mothering takes time and love

Mothering takes Time

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Mothering takes time. Time is scarce. So often the balance between work, and taking care of family, can be stressful and exhausting. You often have to keep your resentments in check. Remind yourself, as mothers, that taking care of your child is rewarding and short lived. Does this sound ungrateful? When I was a mother …

to be a mother means chasing your child on their bike

How to Be a Mother

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You have to learn to be a mother. To be a mother is a challenge. When I first went home with my baby son, 25 years ago, I was in disbelief that the hospital trusted me to take this living, breathing human home without any supervision. How did they know that I could take care …

Memories and childhood arise as mom holding child

Memories and Childhood

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 Reminding ourselves of Escape. Memories of our children can be fleeting. Do you have moments where you look at your grown children and just think about them as young toddlers? Lately, as a mother of two young adults, I find myself in a space of thinking of when they were young. Memories and childhood are …

we are the power they think as they jump into the air

We have the Power

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A way to keep you going. For the past year, I have woken up everyday and say the date. I mark the day, and repeat in my mind what is on the schedule for the day. What is my 17 year old daughter doing? Does she have a class in math? Has she scheduled her …

celebrate the ordinary by baking a cake

Celebrate the Ordinary

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Let’s just celebrate the ordinary. In the image highlighted, titled Happy, there is a normalcy that just seems ordinary. What is ordinary? That which we take for granted? In these trying times, we must celebrate the ordinary. Most importantly, it is the place where we hope our lives go back to “normal” and the ordinary …

dreams can create change when walking arm in arm

Dreams can create Change

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Dreams can create change. The defining of the “desire” to be someplace else, be someone else or to increase your pleasure in life comes from the ability to dream. As we look out into the world at this time, we see many having to change their lives and deal with intense amount of change put …

cycling together brings in a new era of love

Beginning of a new era.

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A new era of love “When the day comes, we step out of the shade aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light. If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it” Amanda Gorman; Inaugural Poet We are in …

Story of escape can bring you hope that life is good.

Hope can Heal.

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  Hope can heal your mind Hope can heal your mind and soul and art keeps you hopeful. The two are inextricably linked. The question is how? Stories are the answer. It is through stories that hope can heal. It is in stories that we can imagine another time and place and imagine a life …

why art is important because it reminds you of escape. With a vintage camper, this pieces reminds you of escape.

Why Art is Important

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Creating is to give you vision. Why art should be part of your life? Are you looking for inspiration? For escape? For distraction? So many reasons we look towards an image, a piece of music, p0etry, theatre or film. So many ways to look at something that reminds us that there is more. More than …

how to buy art that looks beautiful in a modern home.

How to buy art you Love

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What are the best steps to take in deciding on the perfect piece of art? According to a recent survey by University College London, looking at a beautiful work of art impacts the brain in the same way as falling in love with a person. How to buy art, whether it is an original or …

happiness levels are good as the dancing continues

How are your happiness levels?

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How do you feel? How are your happiness levels? Do you self check on a daily basis to see how you feel? Is there a time, at the end of the day, that you feel you are OK and you had a happy moment that day. I have this quote pinned to my wall; “Happiness …

hope can set you free with women jumping into the air

Hope can set your Free

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How can you be free from today? Hope can set you free. A simple statement although one that may think is a distant one during these times. How do you keep hope alive? How do you live your life so hope can set you free from the pressures of the daily grind of life. When …

look what the light did now as the woman sits by the pool

Look for Light

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Look for light as you go through your day. “Look for light”, says my mom as I work through the realization that my life is so drastically different. Without art fairs to travel to in the US and events canceled in Canada, there is a coming to terms with the fact that the Covid effect …

a perfect day with three cowgirls being sassy

What is your perfect day?

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How to decide on what is a Perfect Day? What is your perfect day? A day where everything lands just right. Have you gone through the process? From the beginning till the end looking close to the things and actions that make it perfect. Your breakfast, your work, your day to enjoy the outdoors, the …

find your happy place of walking in a street full of flowers

Happy Place of Escape

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How to find your Happy Place? Finding a way to salve your soul, to give you a respite from the tensions of the daily life is a way to survive. A way to make certain that you heal and take care of your mental state. There are many ways to take care of yourself; get …

art is a way to escape. sitting by the pool is a way to be in another place and time.

Dreaming and Art Can Help

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Dreaming is like Art- it takes you Away Art can help you escape. It is a way that we can be in a place that is not in the present. For many this time has been challenging, drawn out and challenging our patience. The Great Pause has also placed a pause on the ability to …

time to find joy as the dancing in the home continues. Normalcy of life. Dancing couples.

Time to find your joy.

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Your Home is your Place for Delight. Is it time to find your joy? What delight are you finding in your home? What are the things around you that is bringing you pleasure? A comfortable chair, an old photo of your family, or looking out the window with the greening of the outside from the …

brighten someones day by baking a cajke

Brighten Someone’s Day

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Think Beyond Yourself How do we brighten someone’s day as we progress through The Great Pause? During this time we are reminded of the essentials of life. Family, friends, safety, kindness and freedom.  We are reminded that we must have the ability to step outside of our own plans and be in the moment. To …

creative paralysis is combatted by girls riding their bikes.

Creative paralysis of an Artist

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Creative paralysis is a reality. The darkness that I awaken to everyday makes me want to go back to sleep. The darkness of our reality. The movie is not ending and I have realized that this is going to be a marathon. Even though I want to sleep to escape, I don’t.  I get up, …

A simple life. A couple sitting and reading

Life is Simple when it’s Normal

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How do we survive the chaos? There was life before. Then there is life after. Life is simple. Simple when it can be normal. That is not our reality today. As we deal with chaos around us we try to find a place of normalcy. A place where we can talk, touch and be with …

postcard of Ladies by the pool

Postcards of Paradise

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Special Messages of Love What is in a postcard? Really the question should be asked; when is the last time you received a postcard? A short message, with a great picture and a sensation that someone, somewhere took the time to think of you. They took the time to write a note, put your address …

friendship of women running

Friendship creates memories.

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Friends makes us Happy Having a group of women friends creates happiness and memories. Friendship brings out the lighter side of life and makes us realize that life is to be enjoyed. To not be taken too seriously and remind you to laugh a little at the absurdity of daily life. For many women, working, …

marilyn monro jumping.

Power of Original Art

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The power of original art is everywhere. We are surrounded by an enormous amount of imagery everyday. Images through social media, tv, streaming, news  all seem to blend into our minds. So what stands out? What makes an impression upon us? The power of original art is to make you stop, look and think. When …

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