the meaning of the materials in making of this image. Fabric patterns, flowered paper and dancing girls create an image of cocktail party with the girl's dancing in a mid century home.

The Meaning of what I Make

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The meaning of what I make? Often there is a question about the meaning of what I make. What is the message and how does it relate to the viewer’s world? My work has a self evident message with the use of nostalgic imagery.  As seen in the painting highlighted titled Turn It On, this …

Finding her voice as seen with a Woman on a bike from the 1940s brings to mind strength and power.

Finding Her Voice

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Finding Her Voice Sometimes a painting such as the piece highlighted titled Still I Rise, inspires a collective reaction of celebration and empowerment.  Finding her voice is a goal that every woman has. There is an assumption that with the #metoo movement women are allowed to speak and to stand up, but I don’t think …

A happy place in paris walking arm in arm.

Finding a Place of Happy

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How to Be Happy? Being happy can be a challenge. How do you remind yourself that life is good and there is warmth and sunshine just around the corner. As the cold wraps itself around us and the grey colours seem to permeate into our psyche, there is a sense that life is drab, boring …

Power of art as shown by the strident powerful women from the 1950s. These women, Pan Am Stewardesses, are presented as the independent women of today.

How the power of Art can Change your Life

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Can the power of art change your life?  Can art change the world? It’s a question that many have asked and answered. Art, in its many forms, can reveal the power that we can acquire through the engagement and understanding of the stories behind art. For this reason, just filling a space in the wall …

memories of water-skiers from 1950s

How to preserve memories?

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How to preserve memories? Memories that happen in a glimpse of time that we experience and take for granted at that moment? There are many moments that we try to recreate through a photograph, a short film, but the actual sensation can never be recaptured. As the holidays descend upon us, many are recreating traditions …

Handmade painting showing the Home of the mid century sets the story of memory and identity.

The Handmade is the perfect Gift

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As you know, the handmade, one of a kind gift is the perfect choice!  The question is why? Your Creative Voice in Giving As the search for the perfect gift comes upon us for the holiday season, we are struggling to find the present that speaks to our own creative voice. This creative voice, which …

A bikini girl inspired by James Bond films, is set within the Cottage country context.

Calling all Art Lovers!

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Wonderland Calling for Art Lovers! This morning I met a woman who’s first words were “I am an art collector”. She hadn’t bought a piece from me, but I was struck at how proud she was that her home was filled with art. She didn’t care whether the art was seen as “good” or “bad”, …

Handmade painting showing the Home of the mid century sets the story of memory and identity.

Your Home and How it Defines You

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Your Home and How it Defines You As my travel show season comes to an end I am at home for the next few months. This has got me thinking as to the definition of my “home”. What is it that makes it as a place to rejuvenate? A place that is stress free and …

vintage art style painting of 1950s comics and men that are wandering and looking for fun

Let there be Light in Life

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Let there be Light in Life- how Art can help you be positive “Choose your thoughts wisely, find out what gets you excited, what energizes you and what you value in life.” Diana Reid This past weekend was my last show on the road for a while. The weather was beautiful and the crowds were …

vintage art painting of new york city during the 1950s

How Art can make you into a Better Person

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“When a piece of art reflects what you feel, it can give you a stronger sense of who you are.” Jean Huble There are times when I am at an art fair, or at an opening at a gallery that I wonder about the purpose of all of this work and presentation. The business of …

A piece of art with a man watching the drama of life

Why buy art?

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Often people ask themselves “what is the reason to buy art for their home?”. This is a normal question as Art is not a “need”. It is a “Want”. It isn’t food, shelter, or clothing. However, it is part of self care. It is part of making certain we retain our identity and reminds ourselves …

Layers of tissue paper and acrylic paint on board.

Why go to an Art Fair?

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Where are you going to buy artwork for your home? You can go to a furniture chain, like Ikea, and get a mass marketed print. You can go online and see if you can wade through the thousands of listings of art for sale.  Or you can go to a Gallery connect with a dealer/art …

How to buy a piece of Art

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  When buying a piece of art many potential collectors doubt their ability to choose. It brings to mind what makes a work of art valuable for your choice? How do you decide on a piece of art? Do you go by colour? By size? In my world, these criteria should not be the primary …

36x36, acrylic paint, collaged paper

It’s time to share New Art!

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For the past 4 months I have been working away building a great inventory for 2017 and it’s time to share this work with the world. I have been focusing on mid century imagery and trying to develop a body of work that holds to my view that memory is the defining factor in our …

commission of a memory preserved

Commission a Painting to Preserve a Memory

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In our world of today, photos are taken with abandon and memories are seemingly documented. Selfies, family, events all become part of our everyday life but exist in an ephemeral place removed from a real existence. There is a feeling that our lives are being put in the i-cloud and the images exist in another …