place to escape, umbrellas by a pool reminds us of a mid century party place

Is Art Dead?

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Is the power of art dead? Does art still have power that it used to have? Is art dead? Do we care about the handmade or the one of a kind? Does it have the same power that art had in the 17th and 18th centuries? Although it does not have the same power as …

Looking at art can improve your children's art. The power of art comes in the form of a story told about women dancing.

Is your Children’s Art enough?

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Children’s art in your home does not help your children. Can your home just have your children’s art? Is it enough to hang the naive, lovely, personal pieces of art that your kids make in your home? A few weeks ago I was invited to a beautiful home in Seattle. The people who lived here …

Know your history by looking at old photos. This couple walking beside a cafe in paris

Know your history to know yourself.

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Know your History Learning about ourselves, to know your history,  gives us deeper understanding of who we are. Knowing ourselves with the knowledge of our past, with the understanding of where we come from, can enable our lives to grow. Looking back at our ancestors, the people in our lives who made us, give us …

increase your creativity with art that makes us feel good with a cafe surrounded by flowers and a floating figure wandering by

How Art increases Creativity.

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Creativity comes from looking at art. This is a simple fact. Living with empty walls is boring and uninspiring. It makes sense that when walking into your home, art is there to remind you of vibrancy and life. But what about your workplace? Do you work in a cubicle or office that has empty walls? …

digital work in the piece creates ideas are the most important piece of this piece of the couple walking amongst a cafe

Art in the Digital Age

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Art and the digital question. Is there an “aura” to art that that doesn’t appear in a digital form? Or is it the idea that is the main value of the piece? In the age of digital reproductions, there seems to be a dissolving break between the “original” and the “print”.  Is it important that …

Ideas come from a photo of old LA with a view of Wilshire blvd during the 50s.

Where do Ideas come From?

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Past Images can Inspire the Ideas Where do ideas come from? Nothing is original. You may disagree with this, but it is true. Everything spins from something else. A piece of music, an old photo, a place that reminds us of our younger self; all are triggers for ideas. Ideas that I can use to …

every moment is a memory with a lady waiting by the motel under the umbrellas

Memory and Forgetting

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We are all a String of Memories. We create our identity by experiencing moments.  Every moment is a memory as soon as it passes. I often think of a moment in the past and put myself back at that time.  Like trying to remember my daughter at the age of two walking for the first …

There are no women artists because of the lack of representation.

It All started With the Word No

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There are No Women Artists As the 2019 International Women’s day approaches in March, I am once again reminded of where my creative voice started. It started with the word NO- No you can’t do this because you are a woman. The message was that because I was a woman I would be paid less, …

memories of a reality, travel trailer into a land of circles

Memory; Reality or Lie?

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Memories as a Reality Memories as a reality? Are our memories truth or a lie? If it is a lie- can we rely on these memories to truly define us? Confusing questions, to be sure. But I am interested in how this relates to Art. My art. Memories are my inspiration, but I interpret the …

just show up he said to her as he held her, This Romantic couple from vintage advertising captured in a moment of love.

Just Show Up

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Show Up “Just show up”, she said. What does that mean today? What does it mean to be there, to act, to react, to give, to take and to be? It means that being in the moment and acting like you are producing and contributing is showing up. That being part of life, sharing your …

Looking at art can improve your children's art. The power of art comes in the form of a story told about women dancing.

Art Has a Power.

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Art and its Power Can the power of art change your life?  Can art change the world? It’s a question that many have asked and answered. Art, in its many forms, can reveal the power that we can acquire through the engagement and understanding of the stories behind art. For this reason, just filling a …

the business of art is first making the work. In the studio making a piece of art.

The Business of Art

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Selling of Art has its Challenges The business of art is challenging. First of all its not just the making of the art, but being able to market, distribute and sell it. Finding collectors that love and support my art is the ongoing uphill battle. Many artists choose to use galleries to sell their work. …

surround yourself with the good by having the happy image of a bike riding girl with vintage flowers surrounding her ride

Surround Yourself with the Good

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Surround yourself with the Good What does this mean? The “good” is the positive energy we get when we look or experience the positive. How do we introduce the positive into our life? We surround ourselves with good people. Mentors who tell us that we Can Do It. Most importantly we should make our environment …

Sounds of everyday life on a rainy day. Three ladies walking with gold bubbles.

Enjoy the Everyday Sounds of Life

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Sounds of everyday life can be taken for granted. When my daughter was young, she would wake up everyday with a song. Singing in her childlike voice I would listen as I wake up and revel in this moment of happiness. Just to stop and listen. The other day I asked  my 14 year old …

a perfect gift of art of a jumping girl in the air

Buying a Gift of Art

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Buying a Gift of Art Actually I find that buying gifts is challenging. So this time of year can bring on the grumps. In the last couple of years I have asked my teenage daughter to just send me the link of what she wants for Christmas. This is the time of year that this …

flowers blooming in an empty street

How to be Happy?

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How to be Happy can be Easy A question that we often asks ourselves is how to be happy? What makes us feel satisfied that we are doing the things in life that makes us feel fulfilled. Is it service to others that makes us happy? Is it having a work life that is challenging …

Creativity sprinkles from the sky in the form of raindrops

Weed and Art- What do they Have in Common?

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Does Pot make you more of an artist? Can you be more creative when you smoke pot? Today is a monumental day in Canada. Consuming marijuana has become legal.  A major cultural shift in this country. One that inspired my 14 year old to ask me if I would now be smoking a joint in …

Choosing the joy of the day by sitting in a cafe in paris on a cool day enjoying a moment of watching and revelling in the moment

Choose to bring the Joy in your Life

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It is Your Choice to be Happy Choosing the joy in life can come in many ways. It can come from walking your dog in the morning as the sun comes up. It can come from just sitting at a cafe and enjoying the last few moments of warmth and sunshine before the winter descends …

Home is where the heart is as seen by this couple walking in paris arm in arm sharing a moment. Roses collaged onto surface promotes the beauty and love of the moment.

Home is a Place of Renewal

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Renewal of the Home and Feng Shui Your home should be a place or renewal and regeneration. The question becomes how? How does the design and flow of your home take you into a place of the positive. The theory of Feng Shui delves into this theory through the use of colour, symbols and placement …

Commissioning of a painting of young girls eating cotton candy. Vintage photos creates the story.

Commission a Painting and Preserve a Memory

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Commissioning a painting creates a family heirloom. Commissioning a painting from me preserves a special memory. The client often realizes the importance of their family, and the experiences they had as they were growing up. The question becomes how do they represent these past moments?  Of course, a wall of photos or a mantel piece …

remember to experience art, pool, midcentury, woman diving, motel

Remember to experience art

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Experience art. How to experience art can be a challenge. We have to remind ourselves that art is a gentle reminder of escape to another psychic place. Many say that the “millennial” generation is all about experiences. So buying a product is just not part of their priority. This maybe the case but the experience …

Storytelling of a Poolside in a vintage motel with a body builder looking for attention.

Storytelling with a Painting

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Telling a story with a Single Image Storytelling with a painting, a static image, can be challenging. How is it possible to create an image that tells the different sides to the story? Recently I came upon a quote by the Jean Renoir, the son of the impressionist painter Pierre August Renoir. He stated that …

the meaning of the materials in making of this image. Fabric patterns, flowered paper and dancing girls create an image of cocktail party with the girl's dancing in a mid century home.

The Meaning of what I Make

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The meaning of what I make? Often there is a question about the meaning of what I make. What is the message and how does it relate to the viewer’s world? My work has a self evident message with the use of nostalgic imagery.  As seen in the painting highlighted titled Turn It On, this …

Finding her voice as seen with a Woman on a bike from the 1940s brings to mind strength and power.

Finding Her Voice

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Finding Her Voice Sometimes a painting such as the piece highlighted titled Still I Rise, inspires a collective reaction of celebration and empowerment.  Finding her voice is a goal that every woman has. There is an assumption that with the #metoo movement women are allowed to speak and to stand up, but I don’t think …

A happy place in paris walking arm in arm.

Finding a Place of Happy

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How to Be Happy? Being happy can be a challenge. How do you remind yourself that life is good and there is warmth and sunshine just around the corner. As the cold wraps itself around us and the grey colours seem to permeate into our psyche, there is a sense that life is drab, boring …

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