Art awakens a Dream.

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pool with bliss

Art can be like a dream.

Waking up from a dream can be disorienting, but what if the dream unveils a tantalizing glimpse of a life filled with parties and friends? When art is like a dream- it opens into another world.

The image accompanying this post transports us to the heart of a Miami resort, where the sun bathes the sky in a warm glow, and a crystalline pool beckons with irresistible allure.

In this dream, laughter dances on the water as people lounge beneath the vibrant Floridian sun, collectively seeking the elusive state of bliss. Titled Time Stands Still, this dream stands still. Time is gone.

Dreams are stories.

Alongside the pool, spectators absorb the radiant atmosphere, until a celestial figure, like the Moon over Miami, gracefully ascends into the sky.

This dream is a reminder that, even in waking life, moments of pure joy and serenity are within reach.

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