Splash of Life

A moment to jump into the pool full of life and freedom. "Cannonball" is called out in exuberance

January 15, 2024

Purchase: $1500

Under the sun-drenched sky of the 1960s, a girl and a boy stood by the pool’s edge. With a mischievous grin, the boy shouted, “Cannonball!”

In a synchronized splash, they leaped into the shimmering waters, breaking the surface with youthful exuberance. Around them, a sea of retro swimsuits and vintage sunglasses watched their aquatic performance.

Laughter echoed in the air as the timeless joy of a summer’s day enveloped the scene—a frozen moment where carefree splashes and shared laughter painted the image of a nostalgic summer, forever etched in the hues of the 1960s.

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