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Experience art.

How to experience art can be a challenge. We have to remind ourselves that art is a gentle reminder of escape to another psychic place. Many say that the “millennial” generation is all about experiences. So buying a product is just not part of their priority. This maybe the case but the experience of art, the looking, the absorbing, the escaping into another place is as much an experience. Although more of a an inner place of response this appreciation of looking at something, on a daily basis, puts us in a calmer more connected state. In fact, the experience of art can be an antidote to materialism.

The theory of how art is not a material thing.

This was expressed by Wassily Kandinsky Concerning the Spiritual in Art In this writing, Kandinsky wrote of how art, its use of colour and form. With the popularity of meditation and the goal to reduce stress in our busy lives, art is seen as a way to focus on the deeper places in our souls and minds. As Susan Sontage wrote in 1964 “Art is a form of nourishment (of consciousness, the spirit)”. 

Art is about the story.

Many say that art is a precious product. A piece of investment that decorates our walls. It matches the couch and puts some colour in our lives. This is the least it can do. In my work, I try to find a way to move beyond this. To capture the moment of the story that takes us into another place and time. In the piece featured “She’s About to Launch”,the image works on a couple of levels. It reminds us of the vacations we may have taken as children with our families. Piling into the car, and going on an adventure. Along the way the goal is to find the hotel with the pool which can be used as an escape from being cooped up in a vehicle for hours. Aside from the story of memory, there is a presence of light and excitement from the colour and animated composition. A place to be from the past, but still a place that exists in the present.

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