Positive Thinking and Art

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positive thinking and art are brought out with a woman walking in flowers

Positive thinking and art are intertwined.

The interaction with art can enable you to have a moment of escape. To be able to experience a moment of innocence, ease, hope, tenderness and light. Key pieces to being human and surviving a world that seems to be upside down, and full of images of despair.

How to remain positive?

Focus on the good things. Remind yourself of that which is good and not the challenging. This is how positive thinking and art complement. An image, colour, moment, are all pieces of art that takes you to momentary respite. It can remind you to be strong. To take on the beauty and use it to fortify your resolve to step into the day with an attitude of change and strength.

Art engages you with hope

The approach to creating my art is focused upon this engagement with hope, lightness and love. Each image has a bit of whimsy, a touch of memory and nostalgia that takes you to another place and time.

In the piece highlighted, titled Thing of Beauty the image has an aura of strength and determination. The figure walks towards you with a smile and confidence. Surrounded by blossoming flowers, this pieces has a context of positivity.

Looking at confidence and brightness reminds us of our own place. And in this place is gratitude. So much time is spent focusing on our loss. In reality, understanding how lucky we are and how difficult life can be for others needs to be a daily ritual. By doing so, we are able to manage the onslaught of the negative.

Building resilience by thinking positive.

It seems that these times means that we need to have an armour of resilience. In order to build this armour, you have to push back.  The trick is to know how little acts can help our mental state.  To withstand the depletion of the positive, the first step is to activate the positive.

There are several ways to build the positive. Being grateful,  surrounding yourself with people who are positive, open yourself to humour and whimsy,  and starting your day on a positive note are just a few ways. In my opinion, making your home a place of joy and lightness is key to this.

A good place to start is to look at images that bring you happiness.

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