Your Home and How it Defines You

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Handmade painting showing the Home of the mid century sets the story of memory and identity.

Your Home and How it Defines You

As my travel show season comes to an end I am at home for the next few months. This has got me thinking as to the definition of my “home”. What is it that makes it as a place to rejuvenate? A place that is stress free and safe?  How does art play a role in creating this space.

In reading about the emotional meaning of home I came across this quote that home is;

“the idea of belonging somewhere not only in physical terms, but also the feeling of being comfortable, the moment of perceiving and enjoying the small things that inspire you and bring you peace.”

The meaning of “home” is complex- it brings together elements of psychological peace, but also reminds us who we are. It also brings to mind who we were as children. Revisiting a childhood home can be odd as that memories associated with people who are now long gone exist in an ephemeral place. The objects associated with this time have changed and there is a nostalgic sensibility. This experience allows to understand our own identity and the world we exist in. It is all part of the puzzle of our world.

In the past year, I have used the interior home landscape as a setting for stories. Connections to who we are as it relates to the space of the living room, or  the kitchen. In the piece highlighted, titled “Moments Shared About Him” , these women who maybe sisters, mother and daughter or just friends share stories about the man walking around them. Although quiet in its nature with its darker colours, this piece delves into the story of the home and how it creates the narratives of our lives. Sharing moments of life reflects back to us our own reality and provides a deeper understanding of who we are. Looking at this painting everyday would remind me that our home reminds me of my identity but also defines who I am.

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