How to be Happy?

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flowers blooming in an empty street

How to be Happy can be Easy

A question that we often asks ourselves is how to be happy? What makes us feel satisfied that we are doing the things in life that makes us feel fulfilled. Is it service to others that makes us happy? Is it having a work life that is challenging and filled with purpose? Do you do things that answer your passions?

Recently I had someone say that what I do is the main reason for my happiness. But we all have down days. The goal is to combat these down days. Fight against it by creating an environment that is beautiful, comfortable and an escape.

Happiness and your Space

As Aristotle stated  “Happiness depends upon ourselves”     This is so very true. The intention to create a space that has atmosphere and beauty is dependent upon You. The question becomes how. How can you create a place that is inviting and full of engagement? In the piece highlighted titled Blooming Lightness, the use of the flowers and the soft colours combine to create a happy space. Hanging this piece in your home can only bring happiness to you.

Being Happy is a State of Mind

The country that has the highest rating of happiness is Denmark. The term “hugge” has been used in this country to describe a lifestyle and state of mind that is comfortable.

It is defined as “a quality of cosiness (feeling warm, comfortable, and safe) that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home with your family.”

Such a simple thing to live for and do. To create a place of cosiness. To create a story of love and comfort. So where does Art play a role in this? I would say that in creation of my work, I often think of the warmth and safety that the painting conveys. What is the story? How does the narrative play out? What kind of feeling does the piece give? The use of warm colours, the inviting places to be, the nostalgic themed work all play to the state “hugge”.


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