Celebrate the Ordinary

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celebrate the ordinary by baking a cake

Let’s just celebrate the ordinary.

In the image highlighted, titled Happy, there is a normalcy that just seems ordinary. What is ordinary? That which we take for granted? In these trying times, we must celebrate the ordinary. Most importantly, it is the place where we hope our lives go back to “normal” and the ordinary becomes a reality.

The challenge of these times is the feeling we are at war. The war to survive. A way to survive is to celebrate the ordinary.

Praise the normal as women are at the centre of it all.

At the centre of the ordinary are women. Women are keeping the families moving forward.  Firstly, are you making certain your kids are studying online and not getting emotionally lost and depressed? Secondly, are you trying to do work to have an income while also taking care of aging parents so they don’t feel too isolated? Finally, are you making certain the partner is not overworked so they may get sick. So many balls in the air. Above all, the goal is to make things seem normal.

This experience I am describing is not unique. Many women are all struggling everyday to find their energy and resilience.

Describing this existence is real. My strategy for the past year is not too look too far forward. To live in the here and now. Through it all, I keep painting. Keep focusing on the normalcy that baking a cake brings to the household.

We are in a war. We are just trying to make things feel normal and ordinary.

A new series about celebrating women

Considering all of the challenges of our reality- I decided to do a series of pieces that speaks to women at the centre.  The theme of persistence and resilience is relevant to where women are now. Most importantly, the sense that women are the light is the essence of this series.

Be sure to check out this new selection of paintings to be released on March 8 for International Women’s Day. I will be having a virtual live event describing the series and presenting each piece.

Please be sure to subscribe to my email list at https://www.memoryartgirl.com to be on the invitation list to this event.

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