Why go to an Art Fair?

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Layers of tissue paper and acrylic paint on board.

Where are you going to buy artwork for your home? You can go to a furniture chain, like Ikea, and get a mass marketed print. You can go online and see if you can wade through the thousands of listings of art for sale.  Or you can go to a Gallery connect with a dealer/art consultant that knows the artists and has done some research in finding reputable, quality made items.

Or you can go to an art fair and wander around to find a piece of art that resonates with you. The best of these events have art that is only original and is made by the artist who is present at the show. This week I will be participating in one of the oldest “original only” art fairs in the US- the Rittenhouse Square Art Show in downtown Philadelphia. This event surrounds a beautiful park like setting and has over 150 artists from across North America that present well made, creative art. Each artist can speak to their process, their purpose and give you a sense of their personality. Elements which can help you decide if you would like to live with the piece of art that is in their booth.

These events are crucial in our times of insular, screen heavy lives. The experience of a face to face place to speak to the maker of art is becoming a unique critical event. When I do these art fairs, it gives me the opportunity to speak about my work in a clear, concise way. I try to bring to the art fair attendee my intention of creating art that can make your home a place of calm and contemplation. In an article, I recently found, titled “Science Shows Art Can Do Incredible Things to your Mind and Body” , studies have found that art can decrease stress levels, increase “pleasant emotions” and improve “better brain activity”.  What more would you want? Considering the last few weeks of chaos, a place to look at, and buy art, would be the best antidote to the whirling winds of drama.

The painting highlighted “Let me Count the Ways” will be available this weekend at the Rittenhouse Square Art Show or you can see a full availability of original art at www.marjolyn.com


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