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It’s time to share New Art!

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For the past 4 months I have been working away building a great inventory for 2017 and it’s time to share this work with the world. I have been focusing on mid century imagery and trying to develop a body of work that holds to my view that memory is the defining factor in our identity.

So now its time to take this fabulous collection to Texas- sharing it in Austin, Houston and Dallas in April. Time to step out of my nurturing little world in the studio and face the sunshine and bring the work to you.

Many artists don’t have the opportunities that I have. That is, the ability to bring my work right to the client at a highly juried Art Festivals that has top notch professional artists. These events are becoming more unique. They are the epicentre of the handmade. The independent artist is one who has their finger on the pulse of culture. We are the one’s who get immediate response or rejection of our ideas and creativity. Unlike Galleries, we can change our vision depending on the success of the communication. There is a clarity to our world that many don’t have. We can get a sense of how our view is understood in an immediate fashion.

Yet it is with trepidation that I show. There is concern that my vision will not be understood. That my enthusiasm will not be received with the same excitement. For many, the risk of showing new work is too overwhelming. This is where galleries become very useful. They buffer the rejection and can offer suggestions for other directions. Something artists have to usually figure out ourselves in our studios.

So I invite you to the Juried Art Fair. Make an effort and go explore the artists who make and create as a response to the culture you live in. Check out my Schedule to see if I will be showing at an event near you!

“The Best thing to Hold onto in Life is each other” Audrey Hepburn

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A New Year, A New Beginning

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This year is proving to be a busy one. In January, my work will be highlighted at Petroff Gallery, in a show I have titled Assorted Delights. It will be running January 18-30. I will be taking over the instagram feed of Petroff Gallery on January 28-30. So check this out for hidden gems of behind the scenes imagery from my studio.

Speaking of Instagram, I would highly recommend you to connect with me on my feed @memoryartgirl to see the back story to my creative process. The creating and making of Artwork goes through many different stages and this instagram feed gives you a bit of insight into my layers of thought and process.

In March and April I will be traveling to Florida and Texas to show some of my new series which I am currently working on. Please check out my schedule to see the full list of shows.

In June, I have a special exhibition at Wall Space Gallery in Ottawa that will be celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial. This show will have a series of pieces that brings a Canadian perspective to my work with images that have been found to have that northern eye. A new series of Landscapes will be introduced. So stay tuned for this exciting new venture.

My work is also being represented by Blue Crow Gallery in Toronto. So if you need a bit of pick me up and want to see a few fabulous paintings check out this wonderful new gallery.

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