Layers of tissue paper and acrylic paint on board.

Why go to an Art Fair?

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Where are you going to buy artwork for your home? You can go to a furniture chain, like Ikea, and get a mass marketed print. You can go online and see if you can wade through the thousands of listings of art for sale.  Or you can go to a Gallery connect with a dealer/art …

How to buy a piece of Art

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  When buying a piece of art many potential collectors doubt their ability to choose. It brings to mind what makes a work of art valuable for your choice? How do you decide on a piece of art? Do you go by colour? By size? In my world, these criteria should not be the primary …

36x36, acrylic paint, collaged paper

It’s time to share New Art!

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For the past 4 months I have been working away building a great inventory for 2017 and it’s time to share this work with the world. I have been focusing on mid century imagery and trying to develop a body of work that holds to my view that memory is the defining factor in our …

commission of a memory preserved

Commission a Painting to Preserve a Memory

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In our world of today, photos are taken with abandon and memories are seemingly documented. Selfies, family, events all become part of our everyday life but exist in an ephemeral place removed from a real existence. There is a feeling that our lives are being put in the i-cloud and the images exist in another …

40x30, Acrylic paint, collaged paper

Undeniable Strength of Young Women

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Recently I sat with my 13 year old and few of her friends chatting about their teachers. An incident came up where these girls complained about a male teacher. They mentioned that he would give priority to the boys when the class played soccer or flag football. These young women are aware of the “absence …

A New Year, A New Beginning

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This year is proving to be a busy one. In January, my work will be highlighted at Petroff Gallery, in a show I have titled Assorted Delights. It will be running January 18-30. I will be taking over the instagram feed of Petroff Gallery on January 28-30. So check this out for hidden gems of …