Commission a Painting to Preserve a Memory

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commission of a memory preserved

In our world of today, photos are taken with abandon and memories are seemingly documented. Selfies, family, events all become part of our everyday life but exist in an ephemeral place removed from a real existence. There is a feeling that our lives are being put in the i-cloud and the images exist in another distant world. As my work delves into the preservation of memory it made sense that I could offer a way to create a piece of Art that would capture a moment that can be physically enjoyed in a piece of Art.

The highlighted painting is titled The Dance Of Life (24×48) and presents the life of this family. Dancing, hockey and ballet all play a part of this loving little world. This piece is the result of people who want to preserve the memories and life of their ballroom dancing and their young children’s quick changing world. I worked with the family and they gave me several images. Not the original photos, just scans. I used a combination of photo transfer and painting to capture the rhythmic movement of Dance and progression of their growing children. They chose the colours and the text which was a Russian folk song. Things that meant something to them. This collaboration was inspiring and very unique.

It is simple if you are interested in a commission of this type. All you need to do is gather a few images and we can chat about the theme, colours, and basic composition.

Capturing a moment in time, this painting presents an experience of memory and motion. It is something that will provide a personal experience of joy and identity for generations to come.

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children” Charles R. Swindoll

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